Dumping the plump


After the holiday season many people resolve to lose a little of that extra weight that was gained by eating one too many cookies. Are you one of those people? Well, then DMU has got the program for you – Dump Your Plump.

Dump Your Plump is a 10-week team wellness challenge amongst the faculty, staff and students where teams of 4-10 people compete for health. This program is for those trying to maintain their weight and for those that are trying to lose some.

Registration continues until this Friday, January 13 and the competition starts February 6 and runs through April 13. The fee for the program is $10.

Still not sure? Come to an informational meeting this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. in the Academic Center Lecture Hall 1 to learn more, or feel free to contact Nicole Frangopol (Nicole.frangopol@dmu.edu or 271-1581) in the Wellness department with any questions!

Good luck to all of you who are participating. Now let’s dump some plump!

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