Interprofessional Education Day

This afternoon all first year clinical students and DMU faculty will be participating in the first annual Interprofessional Education Day here on campus.

Interprofessional Education Day

The goal is to introduce students to the concept of collaborating with other health care professions who the students may or may not consider to be part of their everyday team. The students will be working together in interprofessional teams to share information about their respective professional scope’s of practice with each other and learning how the medical team can work together in the interest of the patient. By collaborating, we hope students will be able to provide the best competent, efficient, and effective health care possible.

A case study will be provided for the students to help demonstrate what role each of the professions might fill.

At the end of the day, hopefully the students have learned more about the scope of practice of their own profession, as well as several other health care professions that are represented on the DMU campus and made a few new friends.

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