Global Health Learning Collaborative

Join us for a new health education initiative brought to you by the Department of Global Health, the Masters of Public Health Program, the Heartland Global Health Consortium and Pioneer.

The Global Health Learning Collaborative (GHLC) is a discussion-based seminar that will provide an introduction to global health’s key concepts and principles.  Participants will explore best practices and structural violence as they relate to health care.  Discussions will include critical analysis of non-governmental organizations, varying models of health care delivery, the social impact of hygiene and sanitation and more!  Highlighting inter-professional collaboration, the GHLC will include members from the Des Moines University community, Methodist and Mercy Residency Programs and the Heartland Global Health Consortium partner schools.  Participants in the GHLC will broaden their scope of global health and will be empowered to be effective global citizens.

Interactive sessions will begin on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 from 5:30-7 p.m. and continue on a monthly basis.  For questions, please contact

Come join us and become an active agent of change!


All sessions will be in Munroe 101 from 5:30-7 p.m.

Date Session
Sep 13 Session 1:  Introduction to the course and Global Health
Oct 4 Session 2: Case Study: Latin AmericaHiral Patel, D.O.’14
Abigail Koker, D.O.’14
Alexis Beinlich, D.O.’14
Oct 25 Session 3:  The Lost Decade: Latin American Economic Crisis of the 1980s
Associate dean
Global Health
Nov 15 Session 4:  CAFTA/NAFTA—Consequences of Economic Integration
Assistant professor
Master of Public Health
Dec 1 Session 5:  Political Turmoil in 20th Century Latin America
Jan 19 Session 6:  Urbanization Rural vs. Urban LifeAccess to Health Care:  Various Models for Delivery, Structure of Health Systems
Feb 9 Session 7:  Water, Hygiene, Sanitation, and Rural Health
Feb 23 Session 8:  Vector-Borne Illnesses, NTDs
Mar 8 Session 9:  Chronic Illnesses and Family Planning/Maternal   Health
Apr 5 Session 10:  The Role of NGOs
Program Implementation and Development 

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