Ready for zombie attack?

I’m a big fan of “Shots,” and, no, not the kind tossed back in one’s you-should-know-better years – it’s National Public Radio’s health blog. I was particularly amused by reporter Scott Hensley’s post earlier this spring about the plan the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued for dealing with a zombie apocalypse.

The CDC’s recommendations include stocking abundant emergency supplies of drinking water, nonperishable food and medicines; determining where you’ll take shelter; and establishing contingency plans with loved ones on where to meet up in case you get separated.

Ironically, the CDC might be ready for a zombie attack, but it wasn’t ready for assault on its website that the zombie plan generated: The online traffic overwhelmed its server, causing its site to crash.

Do you think the CDC’s zombie plan was a good way to achieve the agency’s goal of getting Americans to prepare for more likely natural disasters? Or was it an idea that should have…um…never seen the light of day?

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