Drive-in and enjoy

I grew up watching movies where the characters within those movies went to the movies at a drive-in. Whew, that was a mouth full.

How many of you have ever been to a drive-in theater to watch a flick? The number I’m sure is dwindling because they have been disappearing over the last couple of decades at a quick pace. Our state is lucky to still have four left, with the closest one to Des Moines only being about a 40-minute drive away. So how about packing up the car and making a road trip to one over this upcoming long Memorial Day weekend. I can smell the butter popcorn already!

Drive-in movie

Grand View Drive-In Theater – Grandview, IA

61 Drive-In – Maquoketa, IA

Valle Drive-In – Newton, IA (closest to Des Moines)

Superior 71 Drive-In – Spirit Lake, IA

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