Spring cleaning and buying

Garage sales offer interesting goodies!

Got some stuff to get rid of this season? I found this amazing blog that lists where your goods can go, for the good of someone else.

My favorite places are usually the Salvation Army or a local place I volunteer at, the Catholic Worker House, depending on the stuff I’m getting rid of. There are some other great places out there willing to re-home your goodies.

And if you’re looking to buy used items from a local shop, try Google-searching for terms like “antique,” “consignment shops,” “vintage” or “estate sale.” I know I can personally spend hours at a time gazing at all the cool stuff found in these shops. Yelp is a useful starting point, too. This website allows you to search in a particular neighborhood and review other people’s ratings on a particular store.

What was your greatest find from a consignment shop?

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