It’s been great…

I love DMU and have enjoyed my 5+ years here but tomorrow* is my last day here!

I’m off to a new challenge and I’m very excited. I’ll be the social media/PR manager for NatraTurf and I’m really excited about the opportunity. But I will, of course, miss all of you, my lovely readers and student bloggers.

In five years a lot has changed and grown. I’ve been involved in some pretty awesome projects and gotten to work with amazing faculty, staff and students.

I want to share a very special thank you to my friends and co-workers in the marketing & communications department. You are all so awesome. I’ve learned so much and had lots of fun over our years together. I will truly miss you!!

* You will see my name on blog posts over the next few weeks because I’ve stockpiled a few to help out my colleagues. Don’t get confused!
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