Impact on Iowa

Generating economic benefits for Iowa

A 2010 study conducted by Iowa State
University economics Professor Dave Swenson
demonstrates Des Moines University’s multi-faceted
financial impact on Polk, Warren and Dallas counties
and on the state.

  • $136 million is generated by the University annually
    to enrich the central Iowa economy.
  • DMU operations, its patient clinics and its students
    combined account for nearly 1,600 jobs in the metro area
    and more than $57.3 million in labor incomes.
  • The incomes generated by DMU-related activities support more than $3.8 million
    in local government taxes and fees, resulting in more than $3.2 million in
    expected tax receipts to the state.
  • Annually, DMU students spend nearly $25 million on housing, food and other
    household expenses, most of which is paid to local businesses.
  • The University annually pays its employees nearly $34.7 million –also most of
    which benefits the local economy.
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