Feeding the students!

On March 9, 6 p.m., DMU’s Significant Others Support (SOS) organization will host “Feed the Students.” While SOS performs many volunteer activities in the community, this one focuses on supporting those closest to us, the students!

This event consists of SOS members cooking a large quantity of food offsite and providing it, with all the necessary meal accompaniments, buffet-style for any students studying for major exams at DMU on that particular evening. We try to plan these events for times when the study schedule is very busy and we know students won’t have time to cook for themselves. In the past, we have done it crockpot and a la cart style, and have served 100-150 students. This time, we’ll have pasta and many sauces available, and side dishes like bread and salad.

If you are an SOS member, please contact dmusos@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer. If you are a student, please mark your calendar, and look for us in the bottom floor of the academic center at approximately 6 p.m. next Wednesday!

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