Since you last heard from me….

Nearly 3,000 miles were put on my car, I visited 7 states (skied in 3 of them) and completed a health promotion practicum over my extended break.

However now I’m back in Des Moines and school is back in full swing!

It took me a week to get back into the school groove after skiing and traveling all break. I still don’t think I’m completely adjusted because during a study break I turned my driveway into a ski jump (maybe I shouldn’t watch X-games while I study).

On Friday a large group made up of D.P.T., D.O. and D.P.M. students went to a Buccaneers hockey game.  I couldn’t tell you much about the game but the 3 fights were cool.  It was a great time reconnecting with all my classmates I hadn’t seen for a month — I still can’t believe how many came back to class engaged (congrats to you all)!

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