The flow of being a student

Life as a first-year student has been all about flow and in my first weeks I had none. Switching gears from working all day to attending school all day was tough in the fact that everyday we had a different class schedule. Throw in remembering lab clothes, a lunch, student ID, classmate names, locker combos and I was bound to forget something. The worst was when I hauled three bags to school, arrived just in time for class but forgot my bike lock!  Luckily, everyone is going through it together.

Now that I’m a few months in, I’ve got my flow back. I eat most lunches at the café, I never lock my locker (don’t tell anybody), and I keep all sorts of extra stuff at school in my lockers (I have 3 of them). I have become a whiz with my Outlook email & calendar and I have learned to be aware of what’s coming up for classes. Most of all, I have been exploring my new city via any self-powered vehicle. The best is when my roommate jumps on his bike to pull me on my longboard on the smooth bike paths.

When I first started classes someone told me I wouldn’t have time to watch football. I believed them. They are wrong. I have had time to watch almost any game I want (just as long as I don’t watch them all) and with my scheduling skills I have made time to take a few canoe trips, a couple of bike races and, this weekend, a trip to Florida.  Did I mention I work too? It’s a steady flow but I think I’ve got it down for now!

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