Cake, my favorite

I’m an emotional eater (bad, I know!) and therefore think cake or cupcakes could solve most of the world’s woes. There’s a cool event in Des Moines Saturday that prompted this admittance and spurred a cake-centric post…

If you’re a fan of cakes you probably watch “Cake Boss” and might be excited to know Buddy will be at Sam’s Club Saturday, at noon, to sign copies of his new book. Sweeeet!

Also, I had a cupcake from my favorite place, Carefree Patisserie, yesterday & it seriously brightened my whole day. Try it. You can’t NOT smile. Also I hear there’s another cupcake place that’s recently opened in Des Moines and is worth a try, Creme Cupcake.

This is another of my favorite places, Madison County Dessert Factory – they have a CUPCAKE BUFFET which I am dying to attend – and Yummy’s in Ames is on my list to try!

This week I made a pumpkin cake based on the healthy pumpkin muffin recipe in our internal newsletter. I mixed 1 spice cake mix with 1 can pumpkin & 3/4 cup of applesauce, then baked according to spice cake mix directions. SOO yummy! I added eggs to make extra moist; I considered mashing up a banana in it too. I, of course, topped with cream cheese frosting which isn’t the healthiest but is pretty delish! Try it. It takes about 5 minutes to make!

And of course if you need a laugh today, browse Cake Wrecks!

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