Research student spotlight: Russell Hamilton

Russell Hamilton, MBS'11
Russell Hamilton, MBS'11

Russell first became interested in research during his undergraduate education at Mount Mercy University while in a biochemistry laboratory. Following his undergraduate education, Russell went to work doing research at the University of Iowa Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing. While at the University of Iowa, Russell had the opportunity to participate in a broad range of projects, including having the opportunity to produce a novel pharmaceutical for phase 2 clinical trials. After a few years doing research at the University of Iowa, he decided to further his education and entered the Masters of Biomedical Sciences program at Des Moines University and joined the lab of Dr. Jeff Gray. Currently, he is studying the “Mechanism by which blaCMY-2 PositiveSalmonella Treated with Ceftriaxone Exhibit Increased Antimicrobial Resistance to Multiple Non-beta-lactam Antimicrobials.” Russell feels that his work in the Masters of Biomedical Sciences program will help him as he pursues a career in medicine.



  • Hamilton, R.D., Holly Hulsebus, Jeffrey T. Gray. Mechanism by which blaCMY-2 positive Salmonella treated with ceftriaxone exhibit increased antimicrobial resistance to multiple non-beta-lactam antimicrobials.Annual Meeting of the North Central Branch of the American Society for Microbiology Mankato, MN. October 2010. (Oral presentation)
  • Expression of bioactive recombinant human MD-2 in 10-liter fermentor using baculovirus system and its applications. Gioannini, Theresa, Athmane Teghanemt, DeSheng Zhang, Russell Hamilton, Wensheng Liu, Milind Deshpande and Jerrold Weiss, University of Iowa 2009. (Poster)
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