Perfect household temp – a myth?

Clutch a warm cuppa!

The wind has been crazy in Iowa the last few days. Leaves are swirling around & I’m ready for a cozy blanket & warm fireplace! Unfortunately, for me, I’m ALWAYS cold. So when the weather turns nippy, I look for the nearest spot to hibernate. To add insult to injury, my husband is always warm. (God bless the person who invented dual temp controls in the car!) And so, no matter how I beg or stick my frozen feet on him, my husband has STILL not relented and turned on the heat this year.

I know we’re not the only ones who play the thermostat game, so share your tips on how you keep your household the perfect temp. Or, if that’s a myth, how do you stay warm?

Local reporter Brianne Sanchez tackled the topic in today’s paper with the help of some experts, including DMU’s own Dr. Julia Moffitt. Check it out here.

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