A scoop a day

Second-year D.P.M. student Nettie Bartel writes about one of her favorite foods & shares the best places in Des Moines to satisfy your sweet tooth:

There are some foods exceptionally superior to others that they deserve their own food group. For my family and I, it’s ice cream.  It was a part of any celebration or chore completion. My grandma was the most demanding in making sure everyone got their daily scoop. In fact, she was such a frequent patron at the local Dairy Queen, that Dairy Queen sent flowers for her funeral. Yes, grandma taught us all well, never say no to ice cream!

To make sure you get your daily scoop in, here’s a short list of local ice cream shops to keep in mind:

Bauder’s Pharmacy (3802 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines)
You’ll fly right by if you’re not looking for this quaint pharmacy. Bauder’s is known for their homemade ice cream in the classic flavors of double chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry, peach, peppermint and the like. When I mentioned double chocolate, I meant double chocolate with creamy chocolate ice cream and huge chocolate chunks. They don’t skimp. Hop up to the bar to place your order with the soda jerk or bring a pint or quart home to savor the flavor.

Snookies Malt Shop (1810 Beaver Avenue, Des Moines)
Snookies is a summer classic. Order your choice of malt or cone and enjoy it on their outdoor patio. Beware, it’s only open for the summer. Be the first in line for the opening season and get your picture on wall for the year.

Smokey Row (1910 Cottage Grove Avenue, Des Moines)
This has easily become a Des Moines classic even through it has only been opened for a little over a year. Smokey Row serves every meal of the day, including great coffee and the most important: ice cream. Feel like having coffee and ice cream, but can’t choose? Get both! Their espresso shake will wake you up in no time.

Blue Sky Creamery (Valley West Mall, West Des Moines)
Ever had homemade ice cream made by liquid nitrogen? Here’s your chance! It’s as smooth as ever, a taste you’ll come back for!

Stam’s Chocolaterie (2814 Ingersoll Avenue, Des Moines)
Don’t feel like ice cream? Gelato from Stam’s is a good substitute. It will be hard to leave this cute French chocolate shop with just gelato with so many tempting chocolates that beg you to take them home!

Drake Diner (1111 25th Street, Des Moines)
If the place has a ’50s diner facade, it’s likely to also have great shakes and malts too! Drake Diner is another Des Moines staple serving the classic burgers and the like. Yet there’s nothing like having a fabulous shake on their screened in patio on a nice summer day!

Stella’s Blue Sky Diner (3281 100th Street, Urbandale)
Ever want your shake poured in a cup on your head? It happens here! Stella’s wait staff has this old trick mastered. The classic ’50s diner serves the typical burgers, fries and of course smooth shakes & malts.

Disclosure: I patronize these shops often so I can validate an enjoyable experience for you too!

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