Go ride a bike!

Des Moines is making headlines again, this time with the launch of Bcycle. Right now the only other two cities with this are Denver and Chicago. Way to go Des Moines for embracing bike culture early on!

The business model is based on the idea of  bike sharing. You can rent a bike from convenient bike stations around the city, encouraging people to ride instead of drive to locations that may be too far to walk to. There are currently 4 bike stations in downtown Des Moines. All bikes include a basket too!

There are two membership levels, 30 day or annual or you can pay for a 24-hour rental ($5) at a B-station. This qualifies you for 24-hour bike passes for the set amount of time. Bikes can be returned to any B-station, kind of like Redbox movies.

Check out the website for more details and a map with pick-up and drop-off locations. They are offering free 24-hour passes through Sept 7.

Who already rides their bike to school and around town?

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