Meet Mulder!

Some people might think I’m crazy for getting a dog but I couldn’t help it! Ever since my dad took my first dog away from me (7 years ago) because it pooped in the house, my broken heart had never healed. All throughout medical school, I wondered when a good time would be to get a dog but as the years rolled on by, there really was never a “good time.” So the heck with it, I’m going to live my life the way I want to. Here doggie, momma’s comin’ to get you!

My husband and I have been talking about the ideal dog for the past several years. We knew we wanted a mellow-tempered dog that is a people-pleaser. Someday, we hope to have children, so we wanted a non-aggressive, low-shedding cuddle-bug, because after all, a dog is a lifetime commitment so it had to be perfect. We found Mulder from a rescue group out here in Michigan and he couldn’t have been more perfect (he was already house trained!). The dog my dad took away from me was a black dog, and Mulder was a black dog, coincident? No, it was definitely fate.

When we first met Mulder he was in a crate and he seemed so obedient. The foster mom said his temperament was sweet and his energy level was low (how perfect for a routinely exhausted medical student, right?). After a long five minute talk with my husband, we adopted him. My life is now complete!

Mulder is a sweet little guy…but he is not low energy! This guy can run in circles in our apartment for long periods of time. He loves being outside and will dart out the door any chance he gets. Oh boy, he’s going to need some serious obedience training.

I got the dog whisperer Cesar Millan’s audio book called Cesar’s Way. He talks about dog psychology and what it takes to have an obedient dog. It’s such a fun listen to my morning commute to work. He says that dogs need a lot of exercise or else they act up by chewing on your furniture and other expensive things. They do that because they have a lot of energy reserve, not because they are getting back at you for leaving them home alone all day. They are meant to be active so Mulder doesn’t get to eat until he’s had a long day of play. He’s been more attentive to my commands now and knows I’m being very serious about his obedience training. Obedience training will make for a happy dog and dog owner.

Do you have suggestions on dog training or fun dog books to read?

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