For the fourth….

There is SO MUCH GOING ON. How to decide what plans to make? Here’s some fun ideas to add to your list:

Head to the ballpark to witness a citizenship ceremony, I-Cubs game & fireworks on Sunday, July 4.

Yankee Doodle Pops is a huge annual tradition in Des Moines. This year it’s on the 1st at about 6:30 p.m. with jazz, then the orchestra begins at 8:30 to kick off the fireworks! Find a spot of grass or bring a lawn chair. The fun happens on the capitol grounds.

The suburb I live in, Urbandale, does a weekend long celebration of the 4th and I know I’m biased but their parade is THE BEST. Check it out Saturday morning!

And of course there’s the huge annual 2-day music festival, 80-35.

From Friday through Sunday you can see some cool restored cars and hot rods down at the fairgrounds. It’s the annual GoodGuys show! Or maybe you’re a “kick back outdoors” type person on the holiday. In which case you should check out a state park!

Here’s more info & a more complete listing of when/where to catch fireworks!

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