It’s nice to win things now and again…

Daley & Jo Kelly, PA program director.

I should preface this blog letting you all know that I may officially have the worst luck at winning things of anyone I know. I tell myself it’s because I love telling stories and it gives me great stories to tell. So it’s a rare day when something overwhelmingly great happens to me and honestly it may be the only time I am speechless.

Well on May 6 I had one of these great experiences. I was awarded a scholarship by the American Academy of Physician Assistant Foundation committee. I am not sure that my facts are correct but I believe over 200 applicants applied for 77 scholarships and I was lucky enough to be one of those  chosen to be honored. It’s definitely not because I am an amazingly awesome person but because they saw something on my scholarship worth honoring and I feel beyond blessed that they did.

So I would like to thank the AAPA for the generous gift. I am not one to really want everyone to know I was rewarded with something but was asked to share it on my blog, so here ya go.

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