It’s a match!

Med students work for 4 years in anticipation of the day they find out where they will spend their residency. Our Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Doctor of Podiatric Medicine students recently received their residency matches. D.O. students can match in either D.O. and M.D. residency programs.  Our students are highly recruited and every year the majority of them receive their first or second choices!

Here is a reaction from one of our students:

“Match Day sounds like title of some romantic comedy. Med student meets residency. Residency meets med student. Some cliched things happen, but it all works out in the end. Last week, my fellow D.P.M. classmates and I discovered if it did work out in the end. I have to say, judging by the frenzy of my Facebook and Twitter, it did. I’m not just proud of myself or my classmates for matching at our first or even second picks for residency, but I’m proud for our school. DMU offered us a great education and fantastic resources and we just had to be bold enough to take them. I think matching at our first or even second picks proves that we did.”
–Jennifer Gerres, D.P.M.’10 (will be a resident at Cleveland Clinic)

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