DMU at the Iowa Academy of Science (IAS)

Iowa academy of science
(L to R) Dr. Martin Schmidt, Thuy Huynh, Dr. Andrew Brittingham, Tyler Nielsen, Dr. Marie Nguyen and Joshua Baker at the 122nd Annual Meeting of the Iowa Academy of Science meeting at Graceland University, April 16-17, 2010.
Des Moines University was well represented at the recent Iowa Academy of Science (IAS) meeting April 16-17 at Graceland University in Lamoni, by a variety of faculty and students.

The following presentations were made:

INTEGRONS: ANOTHER MECHANISM BY WHICH SALMONELLA ACQUIRE MULTIPLE DRUG RESISTANCE by Daphne M. Fernandez, a student of Drs. Jeffery T. Gray and Samina Akbar with the assistance of Holly Hulsebus

ADENOVIRUSES AS MARKERS FOR SOURCES OF WATER CONTAMINATION by Joshua Baker, Prudence Mpofu and Elizabeth Hansen, students of Marie L. Nguyen with assistance from Dennis Hill of the Des Moines Water Works

EXPLORING THE IMPACT OF BORIC ACID ON CARBOHYDRATE METABOLISM IN YEAST by Thuy Huynh, and Kelsey Kumm, students of Martin Schmidt with the assistance of Michael Boyer 
GLYCOGEN STORAGE BY PARASITIC AND COMMENSAL TRICHOMONADS by Tyler J. Nielsen, student of Drs. Wayne A. Wilson and Andrew Brittingham.

Dr. Marie Nguyen served as vice-chair of the Cellular, Molecular & Microbiology section and will be the section chair at the IAS meeting next spring at Wartburg College. Next year Dr. Samina Akbar will serve as chair of the Iowa Science Foundation, an arm of the IAS charged with reviewing and awarding small research grants for the Academy.

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