Student research spotlight: Julia Maynard

Julia Maynard M.S. '10
Julia Maynard M.S. '10

Julia Maynard first became interested in research during her undergraduate education at Rockhurst University. Her interest in research began while taking a required genetics lab, where students had to set up experiments to determine the chromosomal loci of a specific trait. This interest was confirmed during her molecular biology class, where students worked with zebra fish and attempted to locate and isolate a zebra fish developmental gene that was homologous to a human developmental gene. In her senior year she started working at Stowers Institute for medical research as a lab technician performing various tasks around the lab and working with post-doctoral researchers.


Following her undergraduate education, Julia entered the master of science in biomedical sciences program at Des Moines University where she joined Dr. Jeff Gray’s lab. She is currently  studying the effects of statin drugs on gram negative bacteria, specifically Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhimurium, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Julia believes her work in the master of science in biomedical sciences program will help her as she continues her medical education as a member of the D.O. class of 2014.


  • B.S. Biochemistry, Rockhurst University 2008
  • M.S. Biomedical Science, Des Moines University 2010


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