Love isn’t all cupids & chocolates

Love. Such a funny little word that can mean oh, so very many things! I love my husband, my job, my parents, my dogs & oh yeah, my shoes. But they’re all a different form of love! And I think of this weekend’s holiday, Valentine’s Day, as special because it is a celebration of love.

I think Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to tell those we love how we feel. It doesn’t have to be  the romantic type of love. Call your friends and tell ’em. Email your grandparents. Drop a hand-written note. Whatever works. That’s what it’s all about. It doesn’t have to be all greeting cards or expensive meals. Just communicate love.

If you do want to go out and do something different or fun with people you love, check out the Metromix valentine guide to find all kinds of local events related to the holiday. And if I may, I’d like to suggest one particular valentine event that I think is super cool — because I’m co-hosting it— the Puppy Love Pawty, Saturday, 6-9 p.m. It’s a fundraiser at the Norwood Inn to raise money for The Pet Project Midwest (TPPM), a group I’m proud to be part of. It’s open to ALL, no rsvp needed, and you’ll get two cavatelli dinners and free keg beer until 9 for a total of $20. Part of that money goes to help animals through TPPM! It’s a cheap night out & it’ll be fun! Holler if you make it & I haven’t met you!

What are you doing for your valentine’s day? Who do you love?

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