Breakfast, the meal of champions

Since we recently survived international pancake day and IHOP’s national pancake day, I thought I’d share the fact that I have a small addiction to breakfast foods. Like I could eat them all 3 meals every day and life would be good.

I’m a fan of pancakes on Facebook. I want to make Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon bun pancakes. I recently learned of the Waffleizer from Brianne’s blog and now I’ve got a huge list of ways I’d like to try cooking & eating waffles.

But to TRULY soak up breakfast I love to be lazy & let someone else cook. So in that vein, where is your favorite place in the area to get breakfast? I know one of my BFF’s LOVES La Mie. I love the pastries at Sweet Binney’s. I love the hashbrowns at the Waveland. My 2 newest delightful discoveries are the delightfully, almost crepe-like, thin pancakes at the BrickHouse Cafe in Johnston and the thick blueberry cakes at Baby Boomers.

What do you like to fix for breakfast or where’s your favorite spot for a good morning meal OR breakfast for dinner?

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