Sim Center snapshot

The University’s Iowa Simulation Center for Patient Safety and Clinical Skills continues to be a powerful learning resource for the community as well as for DMU students. In its interdisciplinary team training, started in 2008, students from DMU, the Des Moines Area Community College School of Nursing, Drake University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Grand View University’s nursing program and members of the Iowa Army Reserves, Iowa National Guard and the 132nd Iowa Air Guard come together to work through medical scenarios. With all its training activities, the Sim Center is never a dull place.

Visitors————————————————– 16,098

Average hours per month
in simulated cases————————————-110

Osteopathic medicine students’ contacts—– 3,615

Podiatric medicine students’ contacts————-603

Physician assistant students’ contacts————-637

Physical therapy students’ contacts—————-238

Medical residents’ contacts————————— 116

Obstetric cases (deliveries)—————————-487

All activities as of Nov. 18, 2009

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