Maintaining beauty can be so expensive

…but it doesn’t always have to be.

1159234_hairdresser_2How much do you pay  for a decent haircut these days? The guys seem to have it easy for this one. My husband-to-be gets his haircut for $15 (tip included) and I am just so envious. A typical haircut at a normal salon might cost me at the very least $35 without a tip. Although he goes more often, maybe 2 times a month, than I could ever imagine going (once a year at the most), I have found a reason to maintain my mane a little more often.

The Aveda Institute is a beauty school that also provides services ranging from facials to haircuts for much cheaper than a stand-alone salon.  Although a student, rather than a licensed professional, is practicing their skills on live people, I paid $16 for a mini-scalp massage (so soothing!), shampoo & conditioner, trim, blow dry and style and all I had to do was sit in a chair and relax to the groovy music. I feel so spoiled.

I loved having the student take care of me. She was meticulous and made sure I left happy with my new do. I loved how she cared about her work and more importantly my hair. I wish I knew about this place before.

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