It’s a new year (ok, I’m a bit behind!)

So this is my first blog in a long time and I’m sorry it’s been forever. Let’s face it…my lack of blogs is pretty pathetic.

I know none of you want to hear my excuses but to make myself feel a little better for abandoning those that follow me, I will bore you with my long list of excuses: crazy December schedule at school, lots of test, weddings, MY BIRTHDAY, Christmas, family, and the worst one…I was sick from Dec 23 until about a few days ago. So there, now I feel better about my lack of contact with the blog world.

But for real….it’s my goal to be more on my game during this next year with blogs. And if my other New Year’s resolutions are any indicator of how I will manage my blog…the outcome is looking good.

I am not someone who usually sets new year’s resolutions but for some reason this year I just felt like it would be a new beginning to just start off with a bang. I have been pretty proud of myself as I have kept up pretty well with the goals I set and hope to continue in that routine. So here’s to me hoping that I don’t slack and let you all down.

So that’s all for now but be on the outlook for many more blogs. I will try to write blogs about what I have been doing over the last few months too…there was some good stuff during that time. Hope you are all enjoying the New Year!

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