I’m a professional, stand back!

I can actually say that now considering I am certified in ACLS (advanced cardiac life support)! Yeah, I’m a pretty big deal…ha ha.

I have always had this horrible fear I would be out in public somewhere and a person would go down, not breathing and I would have to jump into help…knowing full well I would freak out. I could just see it….someone goes down, I’m with my parents and my mom (being so proud of me) yells that I am a medical professional thinking I know what I am doing. When I on the other hand am thinking in my head, “RUN as far away as possible.”

But now that I know how to help I am fearless! I am officially a professional (or at least certified…but professional just sounds better) to hopefully save someone’s in cardiac distress.

I have these skills because our PA class went to a two-day course at Mercy Medical Center to be trained and certified in ACLS. Before we went, I was nervous I would never catch on. But the program is set up really nice and the instructors did a great job and believe it or not…I PASSED! The pretend man still died during my simulation (not because I sucked but because he was supposed to) but all is well because I learned a ton of information.Now I am just one step closer to saving lives, people! Watch out, I am moving on up in this world!

Photo: a few of my classmates at the training.

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