Happy birthday, to me!

So I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had a birthday over Christmas break. And if I can just jump on my soap box for one hot second that would be great.

For all of you near-Christmas babies you know what I am talking about….birthdays aren’t always fun! When I was little I got 1 present for birthday & Christmas from every person on the planet but now it’s just always being alone. Yes, I have my family (whom I love dearly) but it is no fun to NEVER get to be with friends on my birthday. Ever since I can remember I have always had my birthday parties at least 2 weeks late or 2 weeks early because everyone is traveling over the holidays. During college I was never with my friends over my birthday because everyone was back at home and now here at DMU it was the same story. I know….poor me.

Okay now I will step off the soap box. In all reality it’s not a big deal in any way shape or form but I am obsessed with people so watching TV after my parents go to bed at like 6 isn’t my idea of the best time. Even though the actual day was a little on the lame side….I have great friends here at DMU that threw me a little birthday dinner when we got back. Actually, they threw me and Tricia (another classmate & great friend) a little party at one of my favorite restaurants in Des Moines, The Machine Shed. Now talk about some home cooking…..oooo weee. Anyways, about 20ish people from my class joined in the celebration and it was a good time. So all my complaining about such a lame birthday was hogwash because this far surpassed the lameness in total awesomeness. I had such a great time and am so thankful for all my wonderful friends who didn’t forget that I was officially turning old and wanted to celebrate with me. GOOD times had by all!

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