Wow, that is a great looking rolling pin. Guinea pigs not included.
Wow, that is a great looking rolling pin. "Guinea pigs not included.

I don’t know about you, but around this season with sales and massive advertising, I can’t help but want to shop for myself. I was at the Goodwill store yesterday to drop off some donations (I’ve finally said good-bye to the deep fryer) and thought it would be fun to browse through the kitchen stuff. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular considering all the de-cluttering I’ve been trying to do this year. But there it was, staring straight at me, a wooden rolling pin in near perfect condition priced at $0.99. Tell me that isn’t a bargain!

While I roll out some pizza dough or flat bread (recipe to come) with my bargained find, I have the Goodwill store to thank for being in existence. Especially in this spending-season, and in this economy. I’d recommend strolling through the store if you’re looking for some kitchenware.

Did you have any good finds there?

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