Turtle power!

PA power on halloween
PA power on halloween

Remember back in the day when you used to gather around the TV and watch 4 turtles fight the bad boys?

Well, we stepped back in time this weekend and honed in on that turtle power. Me and three of my classmates dressed up as the Ninja Turtles and it was a blast.

I was Michelangelo, the fun loving, laid-back turtle. Michelangelo carries numb chucks which was definitely the best part of my costume. I was probably a bit out of control with hitting people with them…but it was fun for me!

Our PA class had a costume party and people went all out. From a luffa to a hairy beast to a personal gynecologist we had some of the best outfits I saw all night. It was fun to all be together outside of class and just have a dang good time.

In the words of the turtles: cowabunga dude!

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