rentSo, I don’t have a life most of the time but when I do…boy do I have a good time!

Last Friday I got to see the musical RENT at the Des Moines Civic Center and it was AWESOME. I am not obsessed or anything…I mean this is only just my fourth time seeing it live! ha ha! But it never fails — every time I LOVE IT and then pretend for the next few days to be a musical theater star around my house. I dance my rear off and sing my heart out in my room all by myself. Trust me, I would never have a chance to be a star, singing, let’s just say, is not my forte. But hey, that’s why I pay money to see people who are actually good.

If you get the chance to see it, you should. I have attached a picture of me and some of my friends (also my classmates) at the production.

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