Like a Charlie-horse to my brain!

Medical school has a way of strengthening one side of the brain (the logical side). However, if you manifest this strength in physical terms, having a huge right arm for example, you’re going to be lopsided, which is how my brain currently feels. The creative side of my brain, the left arm, is slowly cramping up because I haven’t exercised it in such a long while. So if you don’t use it you’ll lose it…or it’ll cramp up like a Charlie-horse and you’ll be totally unbalanced. (I get kind of loopy and lose focus in everything).

This yearning feeling of emptiness, or rather lopsidedness, is going to eat away at me. Like a car with only three wheels, I can’t really get to where I need to go successfully if I’m not evenly balanced on both sides.

So if you find yourself losing sight from too much studying, maybe it’s time for a break to do something else. My something else is picking up an art class, reading a good book, writing, and eating. (Yes, take a snack break!)

What is your something else?

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