Celebration station!


ice creamI have a crazy obsession with parties/birthdays/celebrations…pretty much anything that includes loads of sugar and free reign to be loud and crazy. So you can only imagine how much I freak when they are surprise parties….and that’s exactly what we got.

Our wonderful faculty threw us a surprise celebration last week for our entire class passing pharmacology and doing so well on our SPAL (standard performance assessment lab) experiences. And many of you may be thinking this is not that big of deal. But let me tell you—pharm is not easy. Plus this year (for the first time) they moved up our standard passing rate by 5% and ALL of us still passed! Whoot, whoot!

turkeysWe walked in the room to balloons, streamers, cake, ice cream, pop and, best of all, pictures of our faces on turkeys giving a thumbs up (I thought that was genius).

I thought it was so kind of our professors to take the time and encourage us in our hard work. It’s one of the many reasons I chose the DMU PA program and one of the reasons I would recommend it so highly to anyone interested. Our professors care about us and go out of their way to help/encourage us when needed. So thanks to all the wonderful PA faculty at DMU!

Back to the cake…..not only was it great, it was pink! Who doesn’t love a pink cake?! Plus there were 4 different choices of ice cream. This is like a dream come true. If you know me well than you know I eat candy way, way, way too much and this was like the best day of the week!

Life is good!

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