Birthday bonanza, round 1

bday 2

November 19 was Elizabeth Campbell’s birthday and boy did we have a good time. She is one of my classmates and bestest buds. As I have mentioned previously, I love parties…but more than that, love planning surprises. So Lauren (another great friend/classmate) and I got busy scheming away!

Elizabeth’s day started off with coffee from Caribou (always a must), muffins and, best of all, a little clue. That clue sent her to the infamous printer on our floor that sadly takes away all our printer tokens. There she had some other goodies waiting and another clue.

That clue game went on for a few more pit stops (even in the bathroom stall), collecting candy/presents along the way until she ended up at the grand finale in our amazing secretary’s office. There we left her a big tin of different assortment of popcorn. But the best part of all, it was an Iowa Hawkeye tin—whoot, whoot! She loved it! Sadly, I probably ate as much of the popcorn as she did. That stuff is addicting.

We ended the night with a bang by going out to eat at HuHot. There were 18 of us there so it was a good time over good food. I will say though, getting 18 seated at a “no reservation” restaurant was a huge pain but after all the chaos it all got settled and was dinner was great. So, all in all, chalk that up to a success!

bday 1

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