Reorganizing academic priorities

It’s so easy to blow off an entire day after an exam… only to regret that I wished I had more time to study other things.

Currently, my academic priorities include podiatric medicine, podiatric research and public health. What I know for certain is that my podiatric career comes before the other two. Sometimes I juggle between research and public health not really sure which one supersedes the other. They are both important to me, at the present time, but they also demand a lot of time and effort. Some have suggested setting up an organized calendar to dedicate time for each subject. I can’t say I have been successful with that as I tend to go where the wind blows and I’ve been ok so far.

So for students who like to multitask and are interested in expanding their knowledge that compliments their medical education, do what you feel works for you. Whether its creating a time table for each subject or just mixing it all up to make life a little more interesting (that’s my preferred method), you know what’ll work best for you. You made it this far, so don’t be intimidated by how others do it. Stick to what you know, challenge yourself a little at a time by studying a new subject, and soon enough you’ll figure out your own study rhythm. Trust yourself and it’ll work out like clockwork. If overtime you still can’t figure out how to juggle it all, DMU provides student services that can help guide you to your personal success.

Best wishes to you all.

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