Light the night

daley taem

People tell me walking is good for me but sometimes I don’t believe them. (Walking up those three flights of stairs each day to our PA classroom never feels too good when I nearly stop breathing!)However, when I am told to walk to help out people in need…I’m all about it. Heck I may even run….watch out!

Well that’s a long way of saying our class participated in a Light the Night walk to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

As a class we raised around $2,300 which is pretty good considering we are in class or studying most of the time.

The most encouraging part of the entire project was being part of the event itself. To be around people currently fighting these diseases or are in remission was a good reminder of why I came to PA school. I hope to be able to support, help and treat these kinds of patients in the future. Around 20 people in my class participated in the walk.

It was such a neat experience and I hope to get the chance to be involved in it again.

daleys team

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