It’s breast cancer awareness month!

Pink RibbonIt’s October so you’ve probably seen countless pink ribbons adorning everything from t-shirts to coffee cups. Breast cancer awareness is very important and I believe it’s an issue that has touched everyone in some way. Perhaps you’re able to run or walk in the Komen Race for the Cure Saturday, Oct. 24 in Des Moines. That’s always a great event and you know money goes to a good cause.

I just wanted to point something out… I know everyone says it’s important to raise $$$ for breast cancer research. But few of us know what that means or where such amazing-ness happens. So here’s an article for you to read just a tiny bit about breast cancer research happening in your own backyard – right at DMU. DMU’s Dr. Strom is doing amazing research that could radically change breast cancer treatment and help save lives!

Since we can’t all be researchers, here’s a few smaller ways we can each help: Click here daily to help raise money toward mammograms for underprivileged women. Take this Facebook pledge to “know your girls” (AND follow through so you DO know your girls) and Yoplait will donate ten cents to the cause. Check out some items that raise $$ or awareness of breast cancer. Learn more about breast cancer and related topics on the Komen site.

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