Healthcare, a buzz word

The hottest topic of recent debate is President Obama’s focus on some version of a universal health care system. There’s no doubt that the current health system needs a fix but the challenge is how do we fix it? I have no clue but fancy this idea: a paradigm shift in the American attitude towards health.

Instead of focusing on obesity, what about focusing on healthy behaviors. There’s a belief out there that the more you think about a problem, the more likely the problem will stick around (Igot this from the book made into movie “The Secret”). So if we can think about measuring health status in a positive light, maybe a change in perception can guide us in the right direction (“I think I can, I think I can”). I realize this is a long stretch but paradigm shifts requires new ways of thinking and it doesn’t always make us comfortable.

Yes, I got caught in some deep thoughts about our current health care system and I have to admit it isn’t always a fun topic. I do agree that having work incentives for choosing healthy behaviors is a good direction. Lucky for DMU employees, these benefits do exist! And what’s even more fabulous is accessibility to our beautiful gym.

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