Fond memories of fall break

daley @ twinsVACATIONS ARE FABULOUS! Free time is not something I know much about since we started school.  However, the first week of September was our “fall break.” I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even fall yet but I won’t complain about time with friends and a week of minimal studying.

I spent the first part of the week visiting friends in Nebraska and sleeping in past 6 a.m…it was heaven.

To top the already fantastic week I was having…I headed up to Minneapolis and had a blast. Not only did I go with some of the best people ever but I stayed with the greatest family ever. A few of us from my class stayed at another classmate’s house. We just spent the weekend having fun but most importantly I went to my first TWINS game…whoot whoot!

Oh and probably one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend was finding a JanSport table. They had the biggest backpack I have ever seen. Now THAT is a backpack…what would people do if I showed up with that as my backpack? I think I could probably fit in there.

daleys backpackThe weekend was relaxing, hilarious and just downright fun. Good times had by all.

Reality struck on Monday as I came back to an 8 a.m pharmacology exam. Yeah for vacations, boo to exams! Oh well that’s what I signed up for right?

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