Current reads: Anne Frank’s Diary – The Secret Annex

Something on TV, not exactly sure what it was, prompted me to get my hands on this book. Knowing my reading pace, I wanted to buy the book instead of borrowing it at a public library. (I still haven’t gotten a public library card here.)

Naturally, I couldn’t get myself to justify buying a leisure book at full price so I headed to a used book store in Clive, IA. I felt so lucky to stumble upon this store called Half Price Books. They have everything from vintage collections of medical books, children’s books, even newly released books, and music on CDs and records. It is such a nostalgic place to be while waiting for my take out dinner from Cool Basil right next door (a must try Thai food restaurant. A bargain during weekday lunch hours).

If you’ve read this book and have enjoyed it, what others books would you recommend? I’m close to finishing this (don’t tell me the ending!) and will be looking for other fun reads.

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