Mmmmm, so tasty!


I thought I’d point out some new places to eat around town…. Because, well, I love to eat and I love new places!

Yesterday I was delighted to try the new smashburger in West Des Moines.(Full disclaimer: my entire lunch and that of my friend was free. It was a social media folks invite-only preview type event and we didn’t pay a dime.) This is a chain out of Denver and tomorrow marks the grand opening of the first smashburger in Iowa. I had the Spicy Baja which did make me sweat a bit. I also had a yummmmmmy milkshake and tried a bite of the BBQ, bacon & cheese. So delish!Another place I need to try is Incredible Pizza which recently opened in Urbandale. This sounds like an awesome place for families! I will have to take my little brothers there and check it out!

Word is that there is a delicious new sushi place on Ingersoll verrry near DMU. Will have to plan a lunch there soon.

It’s not a new restaurant but a new location for El Aguila Real. A group of friends from DMU and I hope to check it out tonight!

The Register’s new business columnist had some food biz changes too. Check her blog out.

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