Apples to Apples!

apple coupleI didn’t know how many different types of apples exist in this world. I thought the variety was only red and green. Well I learned about the variety of apples when I started to grocery shop for them and when I tagged along with my neighbor buddies, Clint Cummings, D.O. ’11, and wife Brandie (see picture). We had a great time picking out our apples (Golden Delicious & Empire) and all for only $5 a “peck” ( approx. 25 apples).

They are the perfect size and tastes so crisp, sweet, with a slight tart. The best part was not only the price (& supporting local growers) but that it was only 25 minutes from Des Moines in Norwalk. I almost don’t want to buy my apples from anywhere else.

Where are your favorite orchards near Des Moines?

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