APMA scholarships

Each year, the APMA Educational Foundation provides several D.P.M. students with a $1,000 scholarship based on their academic achievements, service to their college and community, and financial need, made possible by the generosity and donations of the listed corporations and individuals. CPMS congratulates the following students on the awards:

Kyle Abben                        Podiatry Insurance Company of America              $1,000
Kosta Antonopoulos       CrocsRx                                                                               $1,000
Mike Donnenwerth       CrocsRx                                                                               $1,000
Sheryl Hanawalt              David A. Stone, DPM Memorial                                $1,000
Timothy Holcomb            Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation                   $1,000
Nicole Jedlicka                  APMA Educational Foundation                                 $1,000
Marc Jones                        Lepow Podiatric Medical Associates                       $1,000
Rachel Kish                        Seward P. Nyman, D.P.M. Memorial                          $1,000
Emily Knickrehm              CrocsRx                                                                               $1,000
Jared Maker                      APMA Educational Foundation                                 $1,000
Noah Oliver                       American Podiatric Medical Students’ Assn.         $1,000
Kyle Pearson                     American Podiatric Medical Students’ Assn.         $1,000
Kyle Peterson                   CrocsRx                                                                               $1,000
Sarah Rincker                    Orange County Podiatric Medical Assn.                 $1,000
Alex Sabers                       Turchin Fund/Mid-Atlantic Podiatry Conf.             $1,000
Valerie Tallerico               Bernard S. Paul, D.P.M. Memorial                               $1,000
Jonathan Thompson       Ortho Dermatological                                                    $1,000
Garrett Wobst                  Seward P. Nyman, D.P.M. Memorial                          $1,000

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