I made a sale! (And a few $$ tips from Tea)

I have so many things that are just collecting dust like my old cell phone. I didn’t really want to let it go but before I dumped it, so I hesitantly made a listing on desmoines.craigslist.org. I was able to get rid of it for $20 within two days.

I also sold my iPod mini on amazon.com for $30 in a short period. (Disadvantage is that Amazon takes a commission and you still need to pay for shipping it. To get rid of it faster, sell it at the lowest price possible.)

I’m still waiting to sell my tap shoes on eBay.com. I chose eBay  because I really love my tap shoes and wanted to get the most out of it through bidding.
A few things to remember about selling your stuff on Craigslist. Never accept cashier’s check or wire transfers. Transactions should be simple, like CASH ONLY, and be sold locally. Also, always try to meet the buyer at a relatively open area, not in your home if you could help it. Parking lots are good. And bring a friend!

With eBay, having a PayPal account is handy as this is a secure way to make transactions for both you and the buyer.

Did you know you could transfer money between Wells Fargo customers, for free with an upgraded checking account? Look into it if you often split rent and other bills by exchanging checks. My fiancé and I do it all the time and it saves us from writing and making a trip to the bank. This does require giving your trusted person your account number so I wouldn’t recommend this method of payment to just anyone.

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