Dining al fresco

patio wineACK!! The summer is quickly dwindling. Get thee to a patio quickly while the sun is still shining so beautifully! I don’t care if it’s a PBJ on my own deck or a fancy dinner with white tablecloth somewhere, there’s something magical about eating outdoors in beautiful weather!

Whether you’re finishing a week of orientation or you’re entrenched in your second or third year as a student (or you’re staff, faculty or a University friend) I know you treasure your weekend. So do as I plan to do this weekend, map out your outdoor meals and kick back to relax! I’m even planning to enjoy breakfast with friends on a patio downtown this weekend.

The Register had a nice top 10 list of local patios recently. You can also search by ‘patio’ on EatOutDesMoines.com. Metromix has a selection of listings with patios and a list of after-work patios to find!

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