Moving day!

As you may know, a great number of DMU students live near campus.  I watch them from my window every day as they dodge cars on Grand Ave. on their way to class.

moving-boxThe last few weeks has been another spectacle entirely – moving mayhem!  Students, friends, parents, little siblings – all helping move belongings in or out of apartments. Maybe the students moving out are on their way to rotations or residencies, or those moving in are brand new students that will join us this August (Orientation starts August 4)!  It’s also possible they have no affiliation with DMU and just happen to like living in our neighborhood.  At this moment I can see U-hauls, a couple minivans and there is even a horse trailer blocking one lane of traffic on Grand while its contents are being emptied onto the front lawn!

Even though they lucked out with a cool day (73 degrees!), I’m still sending cool thoughts their way! Good luck to everyone moving to or from our neighborhood this summer! Lift with your knees, and don’t forget to wave at the admission staff if you see us watching you through our windows – we’re happy you’re here!

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