Research spotlight: Stacey Meardon

Originally from Janesville, Iowa, Stacey Meardon received her bachelor of arts degree from Wartburg College and master of science degree in physical therapy from Washington University of St. Louis.

Stacey is completing her doctor of philosophy from the department of kinesiology, with emphases in biomechanics and motor control from Iowa State University. A licensed physical therapist, certified athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, she is interested in abnormal movement patterns and their effect on long term bone and joint health.

Current research projects

  • Differences in Combined Loading of the Tibia in Runners with and without a History of Stress Fracture
  • The Effect of Step Width on Tibial Stresses During Running
  • The Effect of Fatigue on Stride Time Variability and Adaptability in Runners with and without a History of Overuse Injury
  • Impact Variability in Runners with a History of Lower Extremity Overuse Injury to Bone
  • Biomechanical Factors and Physical Activity Patterns Associated with Running Injuries in High School Runners
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