Makin’ your mouth water?

ramenI can’t be organized all the time and pull together an actual post so here’s a roundup of some tasty food tidbits. This shall tide you over until my brain returns – haha!

This week the Register is making a list of 5 great Italian places. (My fave. will always be Tumea & Sons.) Here’s their list of top 5 steaks.

Winefest is this Friday. The Urbandale Historical Society is throwing an ice cream social (HOMEMADE ice cream!)

Addicts of TV foodie shows will be delighted to see who is coming to DSM in Nov!

To scope out a place before visiting, I usually check out Metromix. Here’s another site I recently discovered for reviews of DSM eateries. It’s got a nice selection of places from actual people. I do disagree with the lackluster review I just read on Manhattan Deli though! Just walked there last week from DMU – LOVE that place. And another site of Des Moines restaurants. And one more.

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