Intro to figure drawing – a DMU elective

 wk-1Well, technically, it’s held at the Des Moines Art Center, just a few blocks down the road, and taught by visiting artist Tracy Duran, M.F.A.

This was an amazing class coordinated by Gary Hoff, D.O., FACOI, FACC, and it is available to all DMU students. Being that I never graduated from stick figure drawings, this was the class for me. 

I had a great time with this class and I just wanted to share my art work to show my progression through the 13 week course.

week-12I highly recommend it, especially to beginner drawers, because it has helped me understand human anatomy from a different perspective. My stick figures are starting to look well fed these days. Just how I like it.


First photo: week 1. Second photo: week 12.
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